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Shotgun Work

Machine Barrel for Screw-In Choke System$140.00(choke tubes not included)
Solder on Front Sight Base & Install New Bead$75.00 






Open Choke

Open One Choke Size$75.00 
Open Two Choke Size$95.00 






Cut & Crown Barrel

Single Barrel$65.00 
Double Barrel$105.00 






Cut, Crown & Install Bead
(bead not included)

Single Barrel$85.00 
Double Barrel$125.00 
Drill, Tap & Install Shotgun Bead$45.00(bead not included)
Fit New Bead Only$25.00(no drill/tap)
Remove Dent in Shotgun Barrel$80.00+ 
Polish Chamber$65.00+ 
Re-chamber 2 3/4” to 3”$90.00 
Straighten Vent Rib$65.00+ 
Lengthen Forcing Cone$90.00+

have been using Accuracy for the last several years and have never been disappointed. Good prices, knowledgeable staff and a fantastic gunsmith.

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