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There is no doubt that 2017 will have some harder gun laws across the country. While 2016 is an election year, it will make no difference for the time being that Trump is our President elect. Many 2016 laws put in place will stand until they are undone, but un-doing any law may not be as easy as it sounds.


Our best efforts as a united county are to arm ourselves.  Arming yourself doesn’t mean that you need personal protection; it simply solidifies the message that it's your right to bear arms. This year, many states made some decisions making it easier to own and bare a firearm while others made it harder. Let's take Idaho for example; open carry has always been easy and simple. Concealing your firearm on the other hand was not. Until now, law abiding residents can now conceal carry in the state without a permit; of course with a few stipulations. In fact, many states adopted some of these new laws. California on the other hand went the other way. Their provisions are to regulate ammunition sales, ban large-capacity clips and quick-reloading devices including scaling down on the lending of weapons, among other things.


With all that has been done, many feelings on political opinions are very strong. On one hand, Bloomberg is tirelessly trying to shut down gun ownership and infringe our rights while the NRA is fighting for those rights. We must take action and support our 2nd Amendment. That time is now!


Where does your state stand? Our ability to purchase a firearm or supplies should not be stripped away. It’s your right to target practice with friends, go hunting with family, or simply own your arsenal for personal protection. 


Let’s keep the spirit alive and stand together. It’s our voice and our actions that matter at the end of the day. Go out and buy a gun! Feel proud to be an American and know that you’re taking steps to a safer, stronger and greater America.

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