Gunsmith Services and Pricing

Service Charges

Per man hour

$75 (unless specified by particular service)

Per man and machine hour


Minimum charge per gun


Finding and ordering hard to find parts

Hourly rate

Clean & Oil

Express Clean


(includes field stripping, quick bore clean and action lubrication)

The following includes full disassembly, cleaning/lubrication, inspection, and function check.

Handguns and long guns


OU/SXS shotguns


Browning A5/clones


Neglected or heavy cosmoline firearms


Assembly/Reassembly from Parts



AR Half/Complete



Hourly rate

We do not accept transfers of 80% lower receivers, jigs or firearms with no serial# made after 1968.

Full Gunsmith Services

Prices and services subject to change without notice.

Due to volume of gunsmithing projects, work will not be performed “while you wait.”

Firearms deemed unsafe will not leave the shop in firing condition.

Any firearm being repaired found with safety feature disabled/inoperable will have the feature restored, with charge.