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Due to the increase in gunsmithing demand and difficulty of getting gun parts, we are only accepting minor gunsmithing (cleaning, bore sighting, installing scopes etc…). We have decided to stop taking in major Gunsmithing work until after the first of the year January 1, 2021.

We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience and look forward to service your firearms soon.

Accuracy Gun Shop Team

Gun Metal Finishing and Coating

Due to multiple variables, including, but not limited to: model, type and design, condition of metal and/or grade of polish desired, the price of refinishing can vary greatly.
Therefore, prices listed are starting prices for the average firearm.
Actual prices are given on an individual

Regular Hot Tank Blueing Process

Varies for each gun.

Scalloped Receiver Guns

(Auto 5, Winchester 94 & 12, Browning BAR)

Special Restoration on Collectables


Octagon Barrels


Scope Rings & Bases

+ $25.00

Vent Rib

+ $30.00

Satin Glass Bead Finish

+ $25.00

Spray Aluminum Parts

+ $35.00

Rough or Pitted Guns

+ $50.00

Case Color Hardening

(Turnbull restoration)

Custom Rust Blueing

Double Barrel Over/Under


Barrel Only


Dura Coat Finish

Most Firearms


Bases & Rings