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now hiring gunsmith


Responsible for repairing firearms. Perform detailed assembly and disassembly of handguns and long guns. Inspect, diagnose and repair most firearms. Clean, lubricate and remove corrosion. Understandbluing salt baths, metal finishing, sand and glass blasting. Install muzzle breaks and triggers. Needs to be able to modify pull weight and measure correct headspace. Repair and finish stock. Mounting and bore sighting iron sights and optics.

Gunsmith needs the knowledge of ammunition and ballistics, and be proficient in using several type of tools including hand tools, power tools and machinist tools (lathes, mills, drills and presses)

Will be interacting with customers, and employees. Will be responsible to order parts, write up invoices, paperwork and A&D book

Must have completed courses through a gunsmith school and have at least one year+experience as a gunsmith. Benefits and pay will be discussed during interview.

Please send resumes to accuracygunshop@gmail.com

Las Vegas - Full Time

Twitter iconhave been using Accuracy for the last several years and have never been disappointed. Good prices, knowledgeable staff and a fantastic gunsmith.

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