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Rifle Smithing

Rifle Smithing


Adjust Trigger$85.00+(adjustable type)
Ruger Mini-14$155.00+ 
Ruger 10/22$85.00+ 
Re-Barrel (Bolt Action) Includes barrel, installation, and crowning
(Stock inletting and odd calibers) (extra)
Blued Barrel$450.00 
Stainless Barrel$470.00 
Match Contour of Original Barrel$175.00+ 
Cut and Chamfer Barrel$65.00+ 
Cut and Lathe Crown Barrel$125.00+ 
Set Barrel Back & Correct Headspace$170.00+ 



Install Muzzle Brake

Blued Brake, Installed$300.00 
Stainless Brake, Installed$300.00 
Fit & Install Liner in .22 Barrel$180.00+ cost of liner
Octagon Barrel$35.00+ 
Custom Bolt Handle Modification$185.00Includes modification of stock to accept low swing bolt (handle not included)
Fit & Install Low Swing Safety$85.00+cost of safety
Dovetail Barrel Sight Installation$85.00 
Fit & Install Dovetail Sight$45.00 
Mount Scope & Boresight$45.00$65.00 for M1A



Drill and Tap

1 Hole$65.00+(adjustable type)
2 Hole$85.00+ 
3 Hole$105.00+ 
4 Hole$130.00+ 
Drill/Tap/Install Peep on Lever$110.00 
Check Headspace$25.00 
Chamber Cast$75.00 
Match Fit & Install Timney Trigger$85.00+ 
Remove Sweated Sights$65.00+Does not include reblueing of Barrel
Machine Jewel Bolt$180.00+

Twitter iconhave been using Accuracy for the last several years and have never been disappointed. Good prices, knowledgeable staff and a fantastic gunsmith.

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