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Rifle Smithing



Due to the increase in gunsmithing demand and difficulty of getting gun parts, we are only accepting minor gunsmithing (cleaning, bore sighting, installing scopes etc...). We have decided to stop taking in major Gunsmithing work until after the first of the year January 1, 2021.

We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience and look forward to service your firearms soon.

Accuracy Gun Shop Team


Rifle Smithing


Adjust Trigger$85.00+(adjustable type)
Ruger Mini-14$155.00+ 
Ruger 10/22$85.00+ 
Re-Barrel (Bolt Action) Includes barrel, installation, and crowning
(Stock inletting and odd calibers) (extra)
Blued Barrel$450.00 
Stainless Barrel$470.00 
Match Contour of Original Barrel$175.00+ 
Cut and Chamfer Barrel$65.00+ 
Cut and Lathe Crown Barrel$125.00+ 
Set Barrel Back & Correct Headspace$170.00+ 



Install Muzzle Brake

Blued Brake, Installed$300.00 
Stainless Brake, Installed$300.00 
Fit & Install Liner in .22 Barrel$180.00+ cost of liner
Octagon Barrel$35.00+ 
Custom Bolt Handle Modification$185.00Includes modification of stock to accept low swing bolt (handle not included)
Fit & Install Low Swing Safety$85.00+cost of safety
Dovetail Barrel Sight Installation$85.00 
Fit & Install Dovetail Sight$45.00 
Mount Scope & Boresight$45.00$65.00 for M1A



Drill and Tap

1 Hole$65.00+(adjustable type)
2 Hole$85.00+ 
3 Hole$105.00+ 
4 Hole$130.00+ 
Drill/Tap/Install Peep on Lever$110.00 
Check Headspace$25.00 
Chamber Cast$75.00 
Match Fit & Install Timney Trigger$85.00+ 
Remove Sweated Sights$65.00+Does not include reblueing of Barrel
Machine Jewel Bolt$180.00+

Twitter iconhave been using Accuracy for the last several years and have never been disappointed. Good prices, knowledgeable staff and a fantastic gunsmith.

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