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Shotgun Work

Look no further for your shotgun work. See list below for shotgun service along with prices. Call today and schedule your shotgun for service, repairs or modification. We’re happy to help.

Machine Barrel for Screw-In Choke System

(choke tubes not included)

Solder on Front Sight Base & Install New Bead


Open Choke

Open One Choke Size


Open Two Choke Size


Cut & Crown Barrel

Single Barrel


Double Barrel


Cut, Crown & Install Bead
(bead not included)

Single Barrel


Double Barrel


Drill, Tap & Install Shotgun Bead

(bead not included)

Fit New Bead Only

(no drill/tap)

Remove Dent in Shotgun Barrel


Polish Chamber


Re-chamber 2 3/4” to 3”


Straighten Vent Rib


Lengthen Forcing Cone


Shotgun Work

Lengthen Forcing Cone(for non-chrome barrels only)


Re-Solder Rib (Does not include re-bluing)

Hourly Rate

Re-Solder Forend Lug

Hourly Rate

Shotgun Work Cont.

Polish Chamber/Bore


Open one choke


Open two chokes


Cut Out Stuck Choke


Install Deadmule


Open loading Port (for 3 gun)


Lighten Shell Latch (easier loading)


Straighten vent rib


Cut & crown single barrel


Cut & crown double barrel


Polish chamber


Straighten barrel


Barrel porting


We do not accept transfers of 80% lower receivers, jigs or firearms with no serial# made after 1968.