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Stock Work

Look no furter. We can take care of all stock work needs. See list of serivces and prices below. Contact us if you have any specific questions on stockwork.


Recoil Pad Installation
Trim stock and custom fit recoil pad (does not include price of recoil pad or spacers).

Standard Style or Decelerator Parts$105.00 
Triple Magnum or Kick-Eez$115.00 
Monty-Carlo or Cheekrest Stocks$110.00+ 
3/16” Spacers (epoxy and fit)$15.00 







Sling Swivels
Install QD Swivels (does not include price of swivels)

Bolt Action Rifles (machine screw type)$45.00 
Most Other Rifles & Shotguns$35.00 
Glassbed Action & Chamber Area$145.00 
Glass Stocks (Fiber Glass / Synthetic)$25.00+ 
Combination Glassbed and Freefloat$200.00 








Fit & Install ‘Drop In’ Fiberglass Stocks
(does not include price of stock)

Ram-Line Style$45.00+ 
Bell & Carlson$175.00Includes glassbedding.

Twitter iconhave been using Accuracy for the last several years and have never been disappointed. Good prices, knowledgeable staff and a fantastic gunsmith.

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